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Leora is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD). Leora brings with her  clinical and private practice experience. She is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of her clients and believes in empowering her clients to make gradual and sustainable changes to promote lifelong health and wellbeing. 

Leora understands that change can be challenging and prides herself on creating a supportive environment for her clients. Leora is kind and compassionate. Her approach to her clients is proactive and flexible and believes in the importance of building supportive client relationships. 

Leora supports and encourages intuitive and mindful eating techniques and encourages her clients to understand what their own needs are.  

Continued feedback received from her clients, families and team members highlights her strength in establishing rapport with clients through an informal yet professional approach and the ability to help clients clearly identify and establish their goals and objectives. 

Key areas include: 

Weight management – including a non diet approach 

Cardiovascular health – Cholesterol, blood pressure etc 



Food intolerances / IBS – fructose and lactose malabsorption 

Oncology and Cancer 

Bone health / Osteoporosis

Kidney health 

Liver disease 

General healthy eating 

Menu planning 

Leora also offers home visits, group talks and corporate consultations 

Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to manage their weight,

The Creating Change Dietitian is always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.

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Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body without stress, without judgement and without too much effort.

The Creating Change Dietitian has been providing clients with a variety of  nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits. With a creative, dynamic, and responsible approach to healthy eating, as well as an extensive range of experience, we can help you a— the healthy way.

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Get back to basics and keep it simple

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Stress free eating. No more symptoms

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Ditch the diet and improve your relationship with food

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Creating Change Dietitian is a clinic that offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, with a commitment to providing care that is free from discrimination and bias.

We proudly stand with and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe in a world where everyone is free to be their authentic selves, and we welcome individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions with open arms. Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond words, it’s reflected in every aspect of our business. We strive to create an environment where inclusiveness and diversity can flourish.


Creating Change Dietitian

Central Park Specialist Centre 

389 Wattletree Rd East Malvern 3145

Ph 9509 1864

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